Ultrasoon niveau meting / Ultrasonic level measurement

Ultrasoon meten met de DATUM U80, Datum U100, Datum U110, Datum U120, Datum U122 Rake Master, Datum U140 en de Datum U160 Channel master.
Al deze ultrasonore niveaumetingen van de firma ABB instrumentation zijn bij ons leverbaar omdat deze door Pulsar werden en worden geproduceerd.


  • Verlicht display
  • Analoge uitgang 4-20mA
  • 3 of 5 relais contacten
  • RS 232
  • AC en DC voeding
  • Tot 1000 meter kabel naar transducers
  • IP65
  • Front, bodem of 19” behuizing

DATUM ultrasonic level measurement products provide non-contacting, maintenance-free level control and indication of liquids and solids.

  • Field IT DATUM U100 -- an economical level measurement system for general industrial applications that includes the capability for alarming and volumetric calculations.
  • Field IT DATUM U110 -- ideal for both pump and level control. It can directly control up to five pumps with the capability to vary pump duty and standby cycles. As well as the standard strategies there are also time?based strategies to exercise the pumps, allow pump run-on, and delay start/stop.
  • Field IT DATUM U140 -- a state of the art ultrasonic open channel flow metering and control system with data logging and sophisticated functions for a complete range of flumes and weirs and, when coupled with a velocity sensor, the flow through any open channel can be measured.
  • Field IT DATUM U80 -- a basic, self-contained compact 2 or 3 wire loop powered level measurement system with built in sensor - for simple measurement of level of liquids or solids.